Saturday, July 01, 2006

Trico Fly Fishing On The South Platte River

LAKE GEORGE, Colorado - On a recent trip to the Elevenmile Canyon stretch of the South Platte River, I witnessed an incredible spinner fall (mating) of Tricorythodes (Trico's). The trout are definitely keyed in on this event in the morning as if waiting in the omelet line at a breakfast buffet. Depending on location, hatches of this tiny mayfly (3mm) generally occur from late June through October. Although many anglers have been known to whisper profanities in frustration, hitting this spectacular event early in the season can produce more 'hookups' than later in the year when the number of insects taper and the trout become more selective. Observation can be the key to success. Watch the trout and the insects and be prepared to make adjustments. Consider this time of year the 'lab' and late summer and fall to be the 'final exam'. You can read more specifics about current fly fishing conditions in the members area of Enjoy!


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