Monday, September 29, 2008

Alternatives For Autumn Fly Fishing

Most fly anglers have fond memories of fishing during the Autumn months, but not many of those memories tend to be outside the traditional trout stream. All along the Rocky Mountain Front Range there are area lakes and reservoirs that have ideal temperatures and conditions. Just like the trout in the streams, many species like walleyes, wipers, and carp are on a feeding frenzy to get ready for the 'lean' winter months.

There are large schools of baitfish this time of year. It is important to find these schools because it will be the primary food for many of these larger fish. Look for the birds, head for the shores where waves are breaking, and find submerged trees or other cover. The most important thing is to be on the search.


The Hunter

A good sign of strong schools

Freshwater Vampire


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