Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fly Fishing in Steamboat Springs

This time of year most people heading to Steamboat Springs, CO have visions of their best Bode Miller imitations, but the Yampa River coming out of Stagecoach Reservoir produces a different kind of rush. An often forgotten tailwater, this short stretch is one of the few locations still dominated by a great population of rainbow trout. Although it is not uncommon to have complex hatches during the warmer months, the diet in the winter is predominantly midges and scuds. For current information on specific patterns and tactics for nettings these beautiful trout please visit our site

NOTE: On the way to Stagecoach Reservoir you will drive on County Road 14. There are a couple of 90-degree turns that can be very slippery. My insurance company will attest to this fact.


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