Monday, March 10, 2008

Deadly Winter Midge Patterns!

The patterns listed below work on most of the tail waters and rivers around the Rocky Mountain Region during the winter months when the true, "die hards" need to get a fix!

Q's Stacker Midge

Stillborn Midge

Black Brook's Sprout

BFE Blue Wing Olive

Hi Vis Griffith's Gnat

Hatching Midge

Morgan's Parachute Midge

Black Midgeling

Sloan's Mighty Mite


Grey CDC Midge

Fuzz Ball

Red Tail Water Tiny

Mercury Rainbow Warrior

Flash Back Barr's Emerger

Palm's Biot Emerger

Otter's Micro Midge

Dorsey's Top Secret Midge

Black Johny Flash Midge

Mercer's Rootbeer Midgeling

Mercury UV Midge

Cream UFO

Purple Back Baetis

BLM, Beaded Little Mayfly

Craven's Juju Baetis

Disco Midge

Scintilla Midge

Black Lightning Bug

Mercer's Micro Mayfly

Brown Green Machine

Sloan's Micro Mayfly

Black STD Baetis

Oh Ya, I almost Forgot!

The Sparkle Milking Egg Midge!

San Juan Worm/Midge!


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Great flies


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