Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Miracle Mile In December

Miles and Miles of open water and very low angling pressure make the Miracle Mile a great winter destination for the brave! I've heard many stories about the Mile in winter, Like, "it's a Miracle if you get their!”, or,” it’s a miracle if you catch a fish over 18'", or, “it’s a miracle if the winds not blowin’ 80 M/P/H”- to name a few.... Four wheel drive and careful planning will go a long way in having a successful trip verses getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Checking the weather predictions for any warm weather cells can make or break your winter trips. For those who don’t know, the Miracle Mile is making a come-back! There are some big browns that reside in the upper Mile and with Pathfinder fuller than in previous years, there’s no telling what will swim, (and stay) up-river in the following months/years. We got off the water just as a new cold weather front moved into the area. If you’re going to plan a trip this time of year, be prepared for the worst! With today’s weather technology and online reports anglers can pick and choose when the ideal winter/weather conditions will make taking a trip to the Mile worth it or not...

The season never ends in the Rocky Mountain Region…



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