Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pre-Run Off And March Fly Patterns, Nymphs, Emergers, Larva, And Dries

People always say the season starts in April, but not so for Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. With more Tail water fisheries than any other region the season never ends for die hard anglers. As we approach April many rivers will start to see heavy midge hatches and the appearance of Blue Wing Olives or Baetis. Having open moving water year round enables anglers to fish throughout the winter months during crazy snow storms and temperatures that will give you frost-bite after landing one fish. It’s not uncommon to hook a fish, and then warm up in your car for twenty minutes. Why do you ask? The Rewards are; less angling pressure and hungry winter trout! During the winter months the flows or CFS on many of the tail waters stay low and consistent keeping them ice-free year round! Sight nymphing becomes the technique of choice. Towards the end of March, warmer weather cells and the appearance of BWO’s start to make hungry trout more active. After a couple months of nymphing in extreme winter weather, being able to throw some dry patterns is always a welcomed relief to any year long angler. The patterns listed below are a few of the different types you might want to pick up if you’re making your way to the river. Local Independent Fly Shops that make there living on the water will have the most unique and desirable patterns, so next time your planning a trip remember to stop in and pick up a few or a bakers dozen of the most effective patterns for the time of year.


Olive Icebreaker

Mercer's Micro May

STD Baetis


Crystal BWO Nymph

Larry's Metalic Caddis

Bead Head Graphic Caddis

Bead Head Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa

Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa

Wilcox's Minute Midge

Red Midge Larva

Tungsten UV Midge

Z-Midge Emerger

UVZ Midge

Purple Back Baetis

Black Beauty Emerger

Red BLM (Beaded Little Mayfly)

Green Machine

Craven's Olive Juju Bee

Spotlight Baetis

Snowshoe Midge BWO

Griffith's Gnat

Herter's Bastard Midge

Snowshoe Midge


Hackle Dun BWO

Hi-Vis Baetis

Lipstick Spinner BWO

Sparkle Wing RS-2

Olive CDC RS-2

Parachute BWO

Parachute Adams

Extended Body BWO

Barr's Emerger

Biot Emerger

Bufus's Para Emerger

Cheeseman Emerger

Red Midgeling

Para-Poodle Midge

Poison Tungsten

Black Rainbow Warrior

Crystal UV Midge Emerger

Tak's Emerger

BWO Sparkle Stacker

Freestone Emerger


Benton's Shucking Midge

Eric's Hi-Vis Midge

Patterns submitted by independently owned fly shops across the Rocky Mountain Region.



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