Sunday, December 14, 2008

Resurgence of the Miracle Mile (North Platte River)

Giant Size #8 Scud

Storm Coming In

Upper Canyon Stretch

Excluding the last two seasons, many would have said that the 'miracle' of the Miracle Mile was that you caught a fish at all. The once famed stretch of the North Platte River had been on the decline since the late 90's. At one point a few years ago it was hard to find aquatic invertebrates while using kick seines. It was thought that the combination of poor water years and over harvesting were major culprits to the decline.
Although the Miracle Mile is not all the way back to the eye-popping fishery it once was, it is definitely on the rebound. One of the reasons may be the reduction in fishing pressure. Also, Wyoming Fish and Game started an aggressive stocking program in the river as well as downstream in Pathfinder Reservoir.
If you are looking for a place to get away from crowds this winter this may just be the ticket. The only problem is that there are not a whole lot of places to stay nearby. The only choice on the river is the Miracle Mile Ranch which has a few rustic cabins. The nearest towns are going to be Sinclair, Alcova, and Hannah.


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