Friday, April 04, 2008

April Blue Wing Olive Dries, Emergers, Nymphs, And Larva Patterns

In April we start to see the first signs of Blue Wing Olives on the water. Below are some BWO/Baetis nymphs, emergers, larva, and dries. This is one of the best times to hit the river(s) for some pre-run off action. As water temperatures’ rise along with warmer weather many rivers and trout come out of hibernation giving fly fishing anglers days they'll remember for the rest of there lives... Below are some good choices to have in your box when hitting any of the locations in the Rocky Mountain Region when Blue Wing Olive's are on the water.

Benton's Shucking Midge

Olive BTS Midge

Olive Midge/Caddis Larva

Olive WD-40

Olive Z Midge

Olive Pheasant Tail

Olive Green Machine

Craven's Green Juju Bee

Green Befus Midge

Wilcox's Minute Midge

Anatomically Correct BWO Nymph

Crystal BWO Baetis

Olive Icebreaker

Mercer's Micro Mayfly

Olive Gidget

Tak's BWO Emerger

Cheesman Emerger BWO

Theo's F-16 BWO Emerger

Olive CDC RS-2

Sparkle Stacker BWO

Barr's FB BWO Emerger

Biot CDC Emerger

CDC Biot Dunn

Marilyn's BWO Emerger

Spotlight Baetis BWO

BWO Cripple

Hackle Dunn BWO

BWO Hatchmaker

Snowshoe BWO

Crystal Para-Adams

Comparadun BWO

Hi-Vis Baetis

Barr's Vis-A-Dun

Lipstick Spinner BWO


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