Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter "JUNK" Box

You asked for it! Having a box of strictly attractor first fly nymphs can make or break your winter fly fishing excursions! Have a good variety of eggs and worms in all kinds of sizes and colors will go a long way in having a good day on the water and a poor one. Attaching smaller midges, nymphs and larva patterns #18-24 12" to 16" behind can be a deadly combo in the winter months.

Micro Dirty Worm

Tan San Juan Worm

Tungsten Two-Tone San Juan Worm

Flamin Pink San Juan Worm

Dark Brown San Juan Worm

Wine San Juan Worm

Two-Tone San Juan Worm

Two-Tone San Juan

Two-Tone San Juan

Red Annelid

Purple San Juan Worm

Purple San Juan Worm

Red Pigsticker

Tan Pigsticker

Clarret Pigsticker



Shammy Leech

Champ. Egg

Yellow Egg

Sparkle Milking Egg

Red Egg

Dandelion Egg

Pink Egg

Otter's Blue Milking Egg

Orange Egg

Oregon Cheese Egg

Mulit-Color Yarn Egg

Hot Glue Milking egg

Hot Glue Egg

Orange Glow-Bug/Egg

Pink Egg

Otter's Milking Egg

Oh Ya...Almost forgot! Have a couple of these puppies just in case!!

Flyin' Penguin

Flyin' Penguin & Friend...



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