Thursday, May 01, 2008


May might be the start of the blue wing olive season, but streamers are also on the plate for hungry post winter trout, (especially the big-unns)! Next time you’re on the river and it's slow remember to switch it up and try streamers. Below are a few of the essentials only found through local mountain fly shops.

Super Flash Bunny Leech

Olive Stingin Sculpin

Trick Or Treat

Pat's Rubber-Leg Bugger

Orange Rubber Bugger

Orange Blossom Sculpzilla

Sheila Sculpin, Olive


Coffee's Sparkle Sculpin

Phillppe Flue-Shot

Lemon Drop

Rainy's Superflash

Cone Head Kiwi Muddler

Brown Cone Head Kiwi Muddler

Cone Head Madonna

Crystal Bugger

Cone Head Delectable

Black Slumpbuster

Autumn Splender

Beldar Bugger

White Sculpzilla

Black Sculpzilla

Grey Mini Sculpin

Cone Head Delectable


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