Tuesday, June 03, 2008

CADDIS, CADDIS, CADDIS!! Dry Patterns from Around The Rockies.

Moving into June, Caddis will become much more abundant along the Rocky Mountain Rivers and streams. If your like me, reading the recent reports and fly patterns is helpful, but some of the local fly patterns I’ve never herd of or seen. Below is a list of Caddis patterns that will help anglers identify and decipher some of the recent report patterns from local shops within the Fly Currents Network. Good luck on the water and tight lines.

Special thanks to,

St. Peter’s Flyshop
Taylor Creek Fly Shop
Royal Gorge Anglers
Bucking Rainbow Outfitters
North Park Anglers
Kirks Mountain Adventures
Estes Anglers
Conejos River Anglers
The Peak Fly shop
Blue River Anglers
Breckenridge Outfitters
Flyfishing Outfitters
Minturn Anglers
Flies And Lies
Trout Creek Flies
Almont Anglers

For providing such unique patterns too the Fly Currents Website.

All of the above shops can be reached through the links within the Fly Currents Website or below each location report.

Outrigger Caddis

X Caddis

Ripcord Caddis

Black Ripcord Caddis

R/L Caddis Black

R/L Caddis

Salmon Caddis

Tan Spotlight Caddis

Hemingway Caddis

Hi-Vis Elk Hair Caddis

Hogan's Last Call Caddis

Larry's Egg Layer Caddis

BWO Caddis

EC Caddis

Black EC Caddis

Etha-Wing Caddis

Black Foam Caddis

Peacock Caddis

CDC peacock Caddis

Goddard Caddis

Wilcox's AC Caddis

Caddis Adult


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