Friday, May 23, 2008

Current News

Water Conditions are changing very quickly across the Rocky Mountain Region... Freestone Rivers and even tail waters are experiencing run-off conditions. With the epic snow-fall in the mountains, many rivers will experience abnormal water conditions. Below is a brief list of current conditions within the Fly Currents Network.

Arkansas River: Cloudy and running high! Fish tight to banks with larger stonefly patterns and attractor buggers/streamers until the water clears up a bit.

Big Thompson River: Running at 421 out of the dam! Water clarity is the major issue, but some good to great BWO/caddis activity can occur. With CFS so high wait a bit before planning a trip up the Canyon. Hit the small rivers/creeks/beaver ponds, lakes in Estes Park. For more information Contact Estes Anglers or Kirks Fly shop…

Poudre River: Flows are currently at 1310cfs! It’s only going to get bigger over the next couple week. Look to the North Fork of the Poudre River for some Clarity.

Colorado River Drainage: Blown! Run-off has hit and the three sections of the Colorado are experiencing major muddy water…. When conditions change a new update will be posted.

Conejos River Drainage: While the lower Conejos is blown out running at 1780cfs….the little known fact is that this river is a tail-water and the upper river is fishing very good to great!! Hit the upper meadows and below the dam for the best success! Large stonefly patterns and 20 inchers are the ticket! This is the most tricky river drainage I’ve ever been too, but the best thing about it is knowing where to go! Contact the experts at Conejos River Angers for the best information on where the fishin’s hot! As of yesterday reports of big fish on the upper Conejos have been landed and lost!! Need I say more!??

Eagle River: Flowing at 3300cfs!! Run-off or should I say Blown-off! The Eagle is blown-out and cloudy/muddy. When conditions change a new report will be posted…

Fryingpan River: Flowing at 361! While flows are stable and somewhat clear, look out it might get bumped up to 600 cfs. As snowmelt from the higher elevations contribute to the lake, look for higher cfs out of the dam. Currently fishing good to very good as the increased flows have moved some of the bigger fish down river. For more information contact Taylor Creek Fly shop or Fryingpan Anglers through the links below…

Gore Creek: Current CFS at 372. The river/creek has gone down over the past couple days, but that doesn’t mean the clarity has gotten better. The Gore has started Run-off conditions. It changes day to day! For the best information contact Gore Creek Fly Fisherman or Minturn Anglers…

Gunnison River: CFS 4120-Blown-out!

Lake Fork River: Running at 986! Blown-out!

Roaring Fork River: Currently blown-out! Your only chance is near Aspen where it’s still running at a respectable 300 cfs.

South Platte River Drainage: 11 Mile Canyon is your best bet with the most consistent flows and good wind blockage! The Dream Stream and Deckers/Cheeseman has been experiencing major CFS fluxutions and cloudy/clear water conditions…

Taylor River: Flows out of the dam at1160cfs!! This has been an epic year of snowfall and the tail water is experiencing some major changes. Look for the increased flows to move some of the resident larger/PIG trout down into the deeper calmer pools within the C&R section. This is a very worthwhile River to check out if flows remain so high!! This is the highest flow/cfs in the past four years of the fly currents network of reporting!


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