Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cicadas on the @#$%^& River!!

Every once in a while a River drainage will throw even the most seasoned angler for a loop. Today was my day! Having only experienced Cicada hatches on the Green River in Utah, I was slightly skeptical of the report posted by a fellow Fly Currents guide, but I thought I’d better check-it-out too make sure! And fast! It's always nice to learn something new when you've previously thought you'd seen it all on your home waters. Ethan Emery works for The Fly Fisher in Denver and was the one who figured out the cicadas were abundant on the upper River. As I drove up the road to the upper river I couldn’t believe my ears! It sounded like the other side of the Green! Good call Ethan, you nailed-it! These pictures are provided BECAUSE of Ethan Emery and the excellent job The Fly Fisher service performs on a daily basis.


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