Thursday, July 03, 2008

Drake Dries, Emergers, and Nymphs

Moving into July many of the rivers along the Rocky Mountain Region will experience receding water, better clarity, and more hatch activity. PMD's, yellow Sally stones, drakes, and Trico’s are next on the menu for active feeding trout. Below are a few Drake Patterns witch you can find at local Mountain Fly Shops. Reports from around the Rockies are showing a gradual decrease in Run-off conditions. Pay particular attention to the flows or CFS when planning a trip.

Loop Wing Cripple Emerger

Winged Drake Emerger

Anatomically-Correct Drake Nymph

Tungsten-Epoxyback Drake Nymph

Tungsten-Anatomically Correct Drake Nymph

Grey Drake

Meaty Drake

Tru-form Drake

Winged Drake

Drake Emerger

Profile Green Drake

Snowshoe Drake

CDC Para-Quill Drake

Drake Cripple

Extended Body Green Drake

Dandelion Drake

Green Biot Drake

Grey Extended-Body Drake

Q's Drake Cripple

Brook's Sprout Dunn

Drake Cripple

CDC Flaven Dunn Drake

Colorado Green Drake

Extended-Body Green Drake

Meaty Drake


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