Thursday, June 12, 2008

Salmon Flies Are Comming/Here!!

Salmon flies are beginning on some rivers within the Fly Currents network. Below are some of the Guide/shop favorites. Hitting this hatch can be great as the so called, "B-52's" crash onto the water's surface. Hungry big trout will go out of there way too crush the surface to get one of these big bugs.

Rogue Salmon Fly

Unsinkable Salmon Fly

King Kong Salmon Fly

Triple Decker

Trixie The Hooker

Bank Robber

Bank Robber

Dog Puke Salmon Fly

Egg Laying Salmon Fly

Extended Body Salmon Fly

Orange Rubber-Leg Stimi

Yak Stone

Morrison's Orange Stone Fly

B/C Salmon Fly

Gorge Stone

CDC Salmon Fly

Orange Chew Toy Stimi

Orange Crystal Stimi


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