Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bug Of The Month


Known to cause massive splatters-damage to car windshields when driving to your favorite destinations around the Rockies. Seen mostly at night, the only upside is that they startle anglers and keep them awake while on long nighttime road trips... On a more serious note; Salmon flies are hitting the Colorado and some of the other rivers within the Fly Currents Network. Around the corner are Green Drakes, PMD's and Trico’s. As water levels begin to recede and warmer weather hits the high country look for some epic bug activity and some great dry fly opportunities. As the conditions change we will strive to keep our members informed on current conditions around the Rockies. Remember to support local mountain Fly Shops that take the time and submit accurate information to the public.

Mothra's Return!

Salmon Flies

Where's Waldo?

Salmon Flies

Egg Layer

Salmon flies

Salmon Flies

Salmon Flies


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