Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Fly Patterns

Nick's "Head-On" BWO

Nick's BH Red UVZ Midge

Nick's Micro Red UVZ Midge

Nick's SJ Adult Midge #24

N's Purple-Back Midge

N's Brown Midge Larva #24

N's Olive Midge Larva

N's Caddis Larva #22

N's Pearl Bead Baetis Midge

N's Pink Miracle Midge #24

Nick's SJ Midge

Nick's SJ Midge emerger

Turkey Tail Nymph

Nick's Pink Midge Larva

Cream Midge Larva

Black Beauty Emerger

N's Pearl Emerger

Mercury Micro May

Attractor Purple midge

Micro Fuzzball Midge

Nick's Micro Stone (#18)

Red Sparkle Egg

Purple Sparkle Egg

Pink Egg

Dirty #30 Purple Emerger

Here are a few recent winter midge patterns and attractors that have proven effective on tail waters across the Rocky Mountain Region.



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