Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Low Temps Bring Cabin Fever

This season Coloradoans have gotten a taste of the winters generally saved for our northern cousins. On the Front Range it is quite unusual to have snow stick around more than a week after a storm has past. Now we are looking at snow piles that were made well over a month ago. Plenty of people have been watching the local meteorologist in hopes of a reprieve to plan some outdoor activities, but as the weeks go by the cabin fever intensifies. Surely our neighbors to the north have little sympathy, but the people of Colorado have grown accustom to spring and summertime activities for brief windows of Indian Summer.

The duration of below average temperatures have kept even some of the more dedicated winter fly fishers away from popular tailwaters. Obviously, it takes a little more courage to get out to the water, but braving the elements can really pay off. If nothing else, it keeps the walls at bay.

Here are a few good daytrip locations to cool the fever: (drive time from Denver, CO)

South Platte -Cheesman Canyon (1 hour drive)
-Spinney Mt. Ranch (2 hour drive)
Blue River -Silverthorne (1 hour drive)
Big Thompson River -Estes Park (1 1/2 hour drive)
Arkansas River -Pueblo (2 hour drive)

Of course, there are many others to choose from if you have the time to drive a bit further. Let's just hope that we have a shadowless day in Punxsutawney in a few days.

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