Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why Go To North Park??

It might be a little bit longer drive from Denver, but the fly-fishing can’t be beat! With lots of lakes and tributaries this whole area is going off right now! To learn more about fishing in North Park contact North Park Anglers in Walden. The link to the only fly shop is on the Fly Currents Shops Page... Pictures by Colin Taylor.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fly Of The Week

BDE Drake

With Green Drakes starting to show on many of the rivers around the Rockies this pattern has been very effective...BDE stands for, "best drake ever". A rather bold statement! What do you call the pattern you make next year? Best drake ever ever? Although the name is a little silly, it's highly effective. The only downside to the BDE is they tend to get beat-up after your tenth fish so make sure you've got more than one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


To say the Steamboat area is fishing well is an understatement. As the entire Rocky Mountain Region continues too explode with great fishing from almost all of the locations within the FlyCurrents network, I had the pleasure of being stuck in Steamboat for a few days, (what a shame!) For those anglers who think they know it all and don't need to swing into the local shops, don't bother reading any further. Local guides and shop owners will always know more than the average fly-fisher experiencing the area for a few days. Weather you've been to the area before or not, it's always worth your time to swing-in and check out the new patterns and find out what’s working currently in the specific location. Reports coming into the site have been ranging from very-good to excellent in many of the locations. PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, Green Drakes, Trico’s, and Caddis to name a few, are all starting to pop with lower water flows and higher water temperatures’ making for some very active and aggressive post run-off feeding trout! This is a great time to hit your favorite location(s), or check out some you’ve never been to! The Pictures above will attest to that! Remember to be courteous/cordial to other anglers on the water! It’s everyone’s day-off except the guides. I’ve always found talking to a fellow angler on a river hooking into fish more than I am results in either some good information, or some of the patterns he or she is using, (or both!) Keep this in mind next time your at a heavily pressured river.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fly Of The Week

Trina's Carnage Stimi

Trina's Carnage Stimi

Trina's Carnage Stimi

With many Freestone Rivers still Running high, don't forget to throw some stimulators towards dark along the edges and banks. This can be the best fly fishing of the whole day!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Fly Patterns

Peacock Trude

UV Midge

Parachute PMD

Red Rainbow Warrior

Purple Renegade

Grey RS-2

River-God Trico

Scumbag Drake

Grey-Beauty Emerger

Gunnison Green Drake


PMD Comparadun

Pearl and Elk Hair Caddis

Q's Loop-Wing Calibaetis Emerger

Grey Drake

Hi-Vis Drake

Blue Ice Midge

Electric Caddis

Graphic Caddis

CDC Headlight Caddis

Hi-Vis Elk Hair Caddis

Flying Ant

Black Foam Ant

Brown Foam Ant

Hogan's Better Baetis

Olive Biot Midge Emerger

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cicadas on the @#$%^& River!!

Every once in a while a River drainage will throw even the most seasoned angler for a loop. Today was my day! Having only experienced Cicada hatches on the Green River in Utah, I was slightly skeptical of the report posted by a fellow Fly Currents guide, but I thought I’d better check-it-out too make sure! And fast! It's always nice to learn something new when you've previously thought you'd seen it all on your home waters. Ethan Emery works for The Fly Fisher in Denver and was the one who figured out the cicadas were abundant on the upper River. As I drove up the road to the upper river I couldn’t believe my ears! It sounded like the other side of the Green! Good call Ethan, you nailed-it! These pictures are provided BECAUSE of Ethan Emery and the excellent job The Fly Fisher service performs on a daily basis.