Thursday, April 24, 2008

Current News

As we move towards the end of April run-off looms on every anglers mind. Below is a list of some rivers within the Fly Currents network that are experiencing pre-run-off conditions. The great thing about living along the Rocky Mountain Region is the number of great tail waters that fish well year round. If you’re favorite free-stone is experiencing Run-off conditions there’s always a tail water within striking distance. This year’s snow fall was epic in Southern Colorado and across the state. Great news to anglers and the region as a whole. Remember cloudy water only means throwing larger attractor patterns and less stealthy approaches. Until it’s actually mud you can still throw a line!! The Support from local area fly shops, owners, and guides has never been stronger. If you’re an avid angler or a seasoned pro Fly Currents is a one stop site where you can find great information on many river locations around the Rocky Mountain Region. As we move into our third year of being public we will continue to try and meet the overwhelming demand for accurate current information. If you’re a member or a shop guide interested in participating drop me a line at . We are always looking to improve the information and the site to suite the public and the professionals affiliated with it.

Gunnison River: Currently experiencing run off conditions
Yampa River: Currently experiencing run off conditions through Steamboat
Upper North Platte: Cloudy, but any cold spell will clear the water up.
San Juan River: Cloudy and running high, but still fishable for the next couple weeks with larger patterns.
Lake Fork: Starting to rise, only a couple weeks left before it’s blown.
Blue River: 500cfs! There starting to open the floodgates, but it’s still fishing good to very good. With these high flows expect the big pigs to move downstream from the dam. We’ve also been getting good reports down river from Silverthorne and just above Green Mountain Reservoir.
Arkansas River: Still fishing good to great in the upper strain. It can get cloudy in the warmer afternoons, but fish will still hit the larger patterns.
Conejos: Flows were bumped today! This river is going to have an epic run-off, but the fishing has remained good to very good.
Eagle River: Keep your eyes on the flow! It’s still fishable, but the waters going up in a hurry!
Gore Creek: Same as the Eagle! Pay particular attention to the flows and call the shop(s) for water clarity.
Colorado: The lower Colorado is experiencing run off conditions, the upper Colorado will follow suite in the next couple weeks.
Green River: A great destination right now!! With flows steady at 800cfs and clear. Over the next couple weeks the river will fish good to great as the weather warms and bug activity starts to take off.

An update from other rivers within Fly Currents Network will be posted next week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fly Fishing Film Tour Finale

We are happy to announce that the AEG Fly Fishing Film Tour has added Fort Collins to the event schedule on the evening of May 7th. If you are not familiar with this event it is something to experience. There are approximately 8 different films from all over the world with incredible music and cinematography much like a 'Warren Miller' ski film event. If this doesn't get you going it is time to shop for a coffin.

The show will be at the CSU Lory Student Center Theatre with the doors set to open at 6:30 pm and start at 7:00pm. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, $10 for children and are available at St. Peter's Fly Shop or Jax Outdoor Gear by cash or check only. You can also buy them online at the following link: Film Tour Schedule

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 Conejos Superfly Tournament

The Conejos River Anglers have a small tournament each year to kick off the season. Below are some pictures of this little known tail water in southern Colorado. If you’re tired of heavy angling pressure and want over 60 miles of public river and creeks this is an incredible place to visit.

Special thanks to Conejos River Anglers

Friday, April 04, 2008

April Blue Wing Olive Dries, Emergers, Nymphs, And Larva Patterns

In April we start to see the first signs of Blue Wing Olives on the water. Below are some BWO/Baetis nymphs, emergers, larva, and dries. This is one of the best times to hit the river(s) for some pre-run off action. As water temperatures’ rise along with warmer weather many rivers and trout come out of hibernation giving fly fishing anglers days they'll remember for the rest of there lives... Below are some good choices to have in your box when hitting any of the locations in the Rocky Mountain Region when Blue Wing Olive's are on the water.

Benton's Shucking Midge

Olive BTS Midge

Olive Midge/Caddis Larva

Olive WD-40

Olive Z Midge

Olive Pheasant Tail

Olive Green Machine

Craven's Green Juju Bee

Green Befus Midge

Wilcox's Minute Midge

Anatomically Correct BWO Nymph

Crystal BWO Baetis

Olive Icebreaker

Mercer's Micro Mayfly

Olive Gidget

Tak's BWO Emerger

Cheesman Emerger BWO

Theo's F-16 BWO Emerger

Olive CDC RS-2

Sparkle Stacker BWO

Barr's FB BWO Emerger

Biot CDC Emerger

CDC Biot Dunn

Marilyn's BWO Emerger

Spotlight Baetis BWO

BWO Cripple

Hackle Dunn BWO

BWO Hatchmaker

Snowshoe BWO

Crystal Para-Adams

Comparadun BWO

Hi-Vis Baetis

Barr's Vis-A-Dun

Lipstick Spinner BWO