Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Fly Patterns

Silhouette Dun PMD

Micro Juju BWO

Pearl Trude

White Sex Dungeon

Pink UFO

Prince Of Diamonds

Standard Miracle Midge

Mohogany Siloutte-Dun

Caddis Larva

Caddis Pupa

Pullover PMD


Black Chronocone

Guinness Double Stout

Parachute Madame-X

Grey Jonny-Flash

Gilled Baetis Nymph

Berkley's Power-Worm TM

Black Sex Dungeon

Gilled Nymph BWO

BWO Pullover

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thirty+ Inch Browns And Fall Fly Fishing

Fall is the time of year when angling pressure tapers off and colder weather makes fly fishing conditions more difficult, but seasoned anglers mark Fall as the start of some of the best Fly Fishing of the year! A new Media Company called Potamoi Media Group has just set forth on a two month journey around the States. Below are the rewards of fishing into the winter months!!

Nick Williams

Potamoi Media Group:

Let us lead you through a world that will let you gain the enjoyment of life. We travel the globe in search of destinations that play host to some of mother natures most beautiful bounties. Our goal is to show you that the preservation of these wonderful locations can produce some of the greatest fly fishing experiences. We also want to show fly fishing enthusiasts that you can find these amazing locations in your own back yard as well as remote destinations around the world.

Special thanks to Devan Ence and Potamoi Media Group.

Fall Bugs


Fall Baetis

Fall Baetis

New Fly Patterns

Parachute Hopper

Black Foam PMX

Theo's Pink Pigsticker

Turk's Tarantula

Red Pigsticker

Parachute Ant

Cliphead Hopper

Turk's Power Ant

Orange Pigsticker

Parachute Hopper