Friday, August 15, 2008

Ode to Brown Trout

The recent cool weather has brought on strong feelings of an early Autumn. For many fly anglers this season has strong associations with the beloved brown trout. Although we still have a few weeks of summer left it felt right to celebrate these beautiful imports. Here are a few photos of recent brown trout caught on the Poudre River.

Seeing Spots

Breathe Easy

Spotted Dorsal

Coming at Ya

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fly Patterns Of The Week

Flexi-Griddle Bug

Flexi-Griddle Bug

Spent-Wing CDC Midge

Harrop's PMD Emerger

Tak's PMD Emerger

Sparkle-Loop Wing PMD emerger

Flag Dun PMD Emerger

Poly-Spinner Trico

Purple Wulff

Salmon Caddis

Hydinger Midge Emerger

Barr's Midge Larva Emerger

AK's Trico

CDC-Wing Trico

CDC Trico

Barr's Drowned Trico

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bug Of The Month

New Fly Patterns

Western CDC Sulfer

Cannon's Bunny Dun

CDC Thorax Trico

Evett's Trico

Herter's 3 to 1 Trico


Purple Renegade

Montana Sally

Red Butt Sally

Red Crystal Parachute Stimi

Scumbag Drake

Grey Beauty Emerger

Montana Hopper

Peacock Soft-Hackle

Split-Case PMD

Flying Ant

Monster Beetle

CDC Headlight Caddis

CDC Headlight Caddis

Pearl and Elk Hair Caddis