Monday, December 21, 2009

New Fly Patterns

Waterwisp Adams

Blue Lightning Bug

Red Prince

Magnum Prince

Craven's Purple Juju Bee

Grey Soft-Hackle

#28 Extended Body BWO

Craven's Brown Juju Bee

Craven's Blue Juju Bee

Bead-Tail Biot

Choc. UV Midge

UV Midge

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fryingpan River in December

Many anglers think the fly fishing season ends around October, but I beg to differ in Colorado! Fly Fishing in the winter months can and has been the most productive for many fishermen. Being the first humans at 11 am to Walk into arguably the most famous tail water in Colorado is not only a thrill, but a TREAT. Getting to use all your high-end extreme winter gear and test your skills under the most adverse weather conditions, to me means getting on your GAME, and proving that you’re an all around angler. I look for the bad weather and plan trips around it! For example this last trip to Basalt and the Fryingpan River... Leaving Sunday night before a HUGE weather front, means several things. No anglers and extreme weather conditions effecting ONLY humans not fish/trout. Planning accordingly is another key to success! Have a durable car or SUV (4 wheel drive at the least). Good cold weather gear. Setting your rods up before you hit the water depending on the local shop(s) knowledge of the area and conditions are all very important to the success of the trip!


1) Talk to the local Fly Shops!
2) Have good to great transportation!
3) Have good to great cold weather gear!
4) Research the area and river.
5) Plan trips around weather conditions.
6) Have a large net and keep fish/trout in the water at all times, even when releasing the fly...
7) Basically plan for the worst and you'll be prepared

No one on the Pan?

Where to start?

Walking To the Bend-Hole...

YES! BWO's in December!!

BWO getting attacked by midges... (A BWO-Midge cluster for all you Fly-Tyers.)

Nick Williams

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Miracle Mile