Friday, January 30, 2009

New Fly Patterns

Guide Box

Guide Box

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Guide Box

Turk's Red Tarantula

Taylor's Fat Albert

Copper Ribbed RS-2

Crystal-Hunch BWO

Mike's RK Emerger

Mike's RK Caddis Emerger

Grey Soft Hackle

Frank's Flashy-Orange Nymph

BWO Thorax Emerger

BWO Good N' Plenty

Black Rabbit Stone

Bead-Head Breadcrust

Special thanks to Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop and St. Peter's Fly Shop

Monday, January 26, 2009

Recent Midge Hatches

Look for these minute morsels on your next tailwater fishing trip.
Make sure your imitations are approximately the same size.

In Flight

Current News

The West’s Best Fly Fishing School

If you have ever thought, “Man, I would love the chance to learn on the water from that individual” after reading a book, watching a presentation, or a DVD now is your chance. With some of the top minds in fly fishing calling Colorado home, the first school of its kind is now available in July of 2009. The West’s Best Fly Fishing School, hosted by Landon Mayer and Angus Drummond, offers a one on one learning experience from the likes of some of the top anglers in the industry including John Barr, Ed Engle, Landon Mayer, Angus Drummond, Charlie Craven, and Clay and Sandy Roberts.

This school will cover every opportunity for learning on and off the water, from casting instruction, presentations on and off the river with a new teacher every day, and topping the class off with a one on one fly tying course. The West’s Best Fly Fishing School will cover every aspect and detail the sport of fly fishing has to offer. The school will take place on the South Platte River in Colorado, Monday through Friday on the following dates:

July 6th through the 10th
July 13th through the 17th

Make your reservations today, as slots are available for only nine anglers per class at a price of $2,995.00. There are limited openings so that you can experience the one on one instruction from some of the best angler’s in their field in this all-inclusive school. There will be Q & A’s every day with every expert and opportunities to purchase products such as books and DVD’s. The following is a list of every instructor participating in this school.

John Barr- Is one of fly-fishing’s top fly designers. With imitations such as the “Copper John”, and more than 30 years of experience on the water shown in Books, DVD’s, Magazines, and presentations. John creates flies that have brought success to angler’s worlds wide for many years.

• Ed Engle- Known for his teaching ability through words, and guiding on the water. Ed has supplied anglers with helpful instruction through Magazines, Books, Presentations, and on water instruction for more than twenty years. He has become one of the best writer’s in the sport of fly-fishing.

Landon Mayer- Has been guiding full time for more than a decade. Teaching others how to become better visual anglers. With the ability to teach others success in landing trophy trout and beyond. Through Magazines, Books, and DVD’s Landon offers a unique approach to tackling problems on and off the water.

Angus Drummond- As a full time guide and instructor, Angus supplies anglers with teaching that brings you success on some of the most pressured waters in the country. With A great eye for the sport of fishing, and as a photographer he has captured some of the best images for Books and Magazines on and off the river.

Charlie Craven- Known as one of the best teachers on the vise displayed in Magazines, presentations, and Books. Charlie supplies fly tiers more than just the ability to create an imitation. His tips and techniques will make you a more effective tier for the next creation.

For More Information Contact Angus Drummond

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures From Around The Rockies

Baetis Nymph

Caddis Larva

Adult Cicada



Stonefly In The Stonefly Box

Adult Blue Wing Olive

Pig From Steamboat


Blue Wing Olive

Baetis Nymph

Caddis Shuck's

Rusty Spinner

Caddis Larva in the shuck

Adult Caddis

Stonefly Shucks

Grey Drake

Adult Midge


Caddis Larva

Adult Drake

Stonefly Nymph

Caddis Larva